Monday, 11 May 2009

L.O.V.E is blind....

There was this guy who once fell in love with a girl from school. So deep rooted was the love of this boy that he said
"Oh my beloved your order is my command..."
She said "How do I know you're going to be loyal to me and never dump me?"
The boy told her to put him to the test and she would see.His so called beloved made a nasty request saying that if he loved her he would bring his mother's liver on a plate! [Huh crazy girl she must have been]..Anyway whether her statement was serious or not we do not know, but 'love is blind' as they say, and this gaff went and stabbed his own mother. He yanked out the liver and brought it back to his girl. On the way he stumbbled and fell. From the liver came a voice:
"Oh my son are you ok? You're not hurt are you?"
The girl was shocked and said
"You murderer.!! I don't wanna know you! Get lost..!!"
Hopefully you all can take the lesson and the morals of the story... Remember you'll find a substitute to everything you lost but you can go to the East or West and you'll never find a second for your real parent.....

~The End~
Taken from 'The World of Teens2' By Shaykh Muhammad Yahya Ibn Faruq

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