Thursday, 28 May 2009

Level 1 Superstars

Last week was the last week for the ESOL student to be in the college. I was very sad to leave the college and my friends. Yeah,, i think the class was awesome and have so many benefits for the students.

Sir Richard

With Mrs Kathi

Well, during t
he classes, I'd really enjoyed and at the same time i gained so many knowledge in English for sure, about cultures and so on. The best part of the course is that we enable to exchange about our own experiences from our different countries. Through those activities i found that in this world God creates people who came from different countries, ideas, skin colour, races and dial ects so that they can know to each other or to share the ideas, not to fighting and to differentiate among themselves. Before we ended our session, we hold a party..Yeah~~ Although not everyone came to the party but, yea it's great..Some of the Entry 3 students come and dropping by to join us. This is the last memory at the college before everyone went away to their own planning..

walk t0 town

I on behalf of the Level 1 students glad to say thank
you very much to Richard, Kathi and Ella because teaching us although sometime we naughty and like to play during the classes.. To all friends,, All the best..see you all around yeah!! bye2..

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