Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Farewell Party

Yeeha! it's almost at the end of out 2nd trimester!!!! We only have approx~2weeks to go before the final,,huhuh~ so horrified me!

To 'celebrate' it, we held a farewell party with Madam Rohaida > English teacher <.. She taught us [the JPAs] for 2 trimesters; 8 months since july. She's a good and an easy going teacher. So far we dont have any problem with her yet,, huhuhuh...
Madam Rohaida

We got French fries,Tuna sandwich, Nuggets, Bihun goreng, with air sirap limau...She sponsored most of our dishes yesterday while the preparation done by me n my classmates ourselves..[hebat bukan.. haha].

  Dishes~~ Sandwiches prepared by me, muni and bella~

We dis this party at the park near the lake of UNITEN,, although it was raining on that day, Alhamdulillah at 5.45pm, the rain stopped and the benches were not too soaked. So, ok la~

Su Ann n Mei Gi

Sitting from left : Izzah, Jonah, Kenny chin [band 6!] , Muni , Ain
Standing: Wei Ting, Suit May, Ang Siang Wei,Eilin, Brenda, Hum Huei Theng
Kenny duduk cam gamba kelas plak,,huhuhu

Time makan2 we snapped some pictures..:

Muke bahagia kanak2 riang,,

 Izzat, Safuan, Izzah n Opie!

Ade org pasang perangkap utk biawak for the fishing competition!

Then at 7 pm we went to Balai Islam to perform maghrib prayer jamaatan~Safuan be the Imam!
huh,, yesterday was great.... Lastly after perform solah, we continue our lesson on essays,, 3 last groups had to do their presentation,, including mine!! huhuhu,,sooo tired~

Wani, me n Aini

Last but not least, I hope we can see you again madam Rohaida! Thanks for everything you taught us!... erm, I think that's all for this time,, Maassalamah Wailalliqa'

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