Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Safety precautions

Haluu computerholics of the universe! Cumon' and have a look! Some safety precautions while feeding your computer addict!!

  • Make sure the monitor is parallel to your eyes. This mean that u are not require to bongkokkan diri while using the computer.
  • The position of the keyboard is not too high and no too low.
  • Light resource such as lamp must be at the back of the computer..Not at YOUR back!
  • If u want to buy mouse, buy the mouse which is suit with your hand.
  • After an hour using the computer, walk around to get fresh air and look at something greeny. Suggestion by Mrs Ayu: if u are computeraholic [cant leave the computer even a sec],she thinks that better u paint your room with green u dont have to move if u want to rest your eyes! hehehhe~

All of these are important cuz it will give u a long term effect!!

Credit from Basic Computer class -Monday,13th July 2009-with Mrs Ayu...

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