Monday, 6 July 2009

Malaysian Leeds gathering

Yesterday's yesterday was held a gathering for Malaysian in Leeds. And it was held in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston Hill.. [Near me house!].. We held futsal game for man and Women just cheering beside the court~ hahahaha... We all bring our own food and share together. [Kinda pot luck]...


Rest after a match!

Baby cumel~

Moms of Leeds

Score board

Ade org jual cendol..

Yesterday, we continue our event at Aunt Manja's house.She hold a Doa Selamat Party... So,we have a makan2 event! Sgt sedap makanan there!

Dads Chillin' out after finishing thier meal!

Then, the moms turn!


That's all~ to0dles!

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