Tuesday, 6 October 2009

10 worst cities for pickpockets



8. Amsterdam,Netherlands.

7.Buenos Aires,Argentina

6.Florence, Italy



3.Prague, Czech Republic
2.Rome, Italy

1. Barcelona, Spain

How to avoid it??
1. Never put valueable stuff especially wallet in your pocket, although in it buttons as it is the easiest target.
2.Beware of distraction tactics eg: Dropping near you.

3. Be on guard when in the crowded and keep all your belongings in secured.

4.Beware of the strangers. Sometime children or elderly that look like the'd be a threat can be a part of larger operation.

5.Avoid standing near the doorway like on the train, because the pickpockets will rush in the crowded at you when the door opens.
6.Before you set off on a trip, pare down the contents of your handbag or wallet – the smaller the bulge, the less likely pickpockets are to covet it.

5 Ucap-ucapan untuk izzah:

IRFARN said...

org laki plg mudah kne
klu ltk wallet kt poket belakang
huhu.tmbh2 kt tmpt org rmai
lg sng nk kne

mIsS.Ladyb0sS said...

ha,,taw pon..
tp girl pon snang gak,
if using hand bag aa,,

last2 beik gne bagpack je en!
ko tu hati2,,
klu kene pick pocket ni
x ckop duet nk blanje aku...


IRFARN said...

syukran ats nasihat ko
klu nk suruh aku blanje
cpt2 lah dtg sini

mIsS.Ladyb0sS said...

aku slalu wat dtg putrajaya,
tp asal aku cuti ko cuti,
asal ko cuti aku cuti,,
so nk wat cne?
ko kene reserve kan duet dlu a,,

IRFARN said...

haah ea
pdhl cuti sme je
musykil aku
but dun wori
aku da reserve da duit tuh
tggu nk release jaa