Monday, 30 November 2009


Aim utk raya Aidiladha this year:

  • Solat hari raya..[tebus raya Aidilfitri]
  • Makan Daging korban
  • Tgk Animals2 4 kaki di sembelih......
Know what! I just succeeded to achieve 1 out of 3 target during this raya! erm,,,, maybe x de rezki utk solat raya this year,,x pe la redha je la,,Next year insyaAllah dipanjangkan umur dapat la solat raya.... Daging korban mmg best,, masak kari, rendang.. Raya ni ade lemang, ketupat, nasi beryani,,wuu,,makan mmg hyper la time tu,, xpe2 raya2 x payah la nak I right?? hahaha..Time raya aritu cm pesta buah2an,, Dapat makan DURIAN, RAMBUTAN,LANGSAT,DUKU,,woo,,mmg best3.............

Bercerite ttg last week, sye n my mum spend a lot of time together...We went shopping, like what mother and daughter always do as well talking about my studies.. Act, i am looking forward in changing my path. PATH?? i mean changing what I am doing now, Now i am doing accounting, but i think i want to change the field during my degree insyaAllah.... but still dont have any idea on it yet! I am also looking forward to Human Science at UIA n UM.. But not sure,..

This morning my mum went to see one of the JPA's pegawai, the said that it is much easier if I can change the course within UNITEN, However, the course which i want is not offered by UNITEN. That makes my mind become more more more and more serabut. Erm,,as a Muslimah, we got our own weapon in solving these kind of decision making stuff, which is DOA. I always heard that in tazkirah always mentioned that, anything happen we have to go back to the creator 


First and foremost, I have to pray to ALLAH to show what to do, which way to go so that in the future I will never regret on what i have done.... But If i cant change the path, terpaksa la continue on what i am doing now,, maybe mnde yg kte x suke itulah yg terbaik untuk kita............

"hey PROBLEMs, I have ALLAH THE GREATEST to help me!!! so BACK OFF"

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