Monday, 8 June 2009


Hyep, me back!
I like to eat! Everyone like to eat..?
Am I right?..of course la kan3??
But do we know that our eating styles are right or not??
Well,, Let me give yah some ideas about go0d diet from
our beloved Prophet, Rasulullah S.A.W...
1.Dont eat MILK and MEAT
2. Dont eat MEAT and FISH [act, it meant that don't eat land and sea food at a same time]
3.Dont eat FISH and MILK
4.Dont eat CHICKEN and MILK
5.Dont eat FISH and EGG
6.Dont eat FISH and LETTUCE
7.Dont eat MILK and VINEGAR
8.Dont eat MILK and FRUITS eg:coktail
Actually, the diet above mean that you cannot eat them at the same time.
Because some of them like fish and chicken, they got different charges [positive and negative charges] which when meet together it can cause chemical reaction [waw~chemistry].
As a result, you can get stomachache or fo0d poisoning.... InsyaAllah if you all follow this diet, you'll not get stomachache..So, you all can study happily.. Tapi kalu ade gak saket perot tu, x sure a plak..ade a tu salah kt mne2..trmakan racun ke pe ke~~
Enjoy this song..[play jgn x play]

This post is credit from suke suke je.. hehehe.. tq beb!

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Apih said...

weh...tazkirah ni sebijik sama ngan tazkirah dalam blog ipam....
cuma yg ipam dalam bahasa melayu n yg ko punya dalam bi....ko tiru yE ke???

mIsS.Ladyb0sS said...

mmg aku tiru pon..
ko x npak ke?
kt bwh post tu aku tulih
"credit from suke suke saje"

ni msti x bce abes!

IRFARN said...

aku xprasan lak kt bwh tu
xabes bce

mIsS.Ladyb0sS said...

no hal bro!

keyha said...

haha..i like that song <33