Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jalan2 kota L.O.N.D.O.N

Alhamdulillah, I arrived from London to the Palace of Cranbrook [my house lah!] at 2.30 am..Phew, that was awesome and exhausted.Yea, took Mak Long for a sight seeing at the London city made me felt soooo tired... Photobucket
Well,,that not the one which i want to talk about. Let me start yea.. As you know London is a very busy city.And it is hard nearly impossible to get a parking for car..So, my dad decided to park our car,, urr I mean his car at his friend's house. Actually, we went to London to fetch my Aunt who just arrived from Canterbury, well from Malaysia actually.
He thaught that might be he will be sooooo late to fetch Mak Long. So, he asked me to fetch her at The King Cross st. Actually, I'm not familiar with London. But, it's not a big problem for me. I think I can do it by myself.. I know I can do it!!!!!If i dont know anything I can go ahead and ask people around..Photobucket But what the most I afraid of is that I had to read a complicated underground tube map..hah~~ Before this, my mom the one who read this kind of map. But yesterday I had to read it by myself...huu~~

the complicated map!

When I looked at the map, I tought that it's not actually very tough..It just my felling and my mind that told me that it is hard. Not really easy but not really hard.Just so-so.. Hah, then I bought a one day ticket for about £5.60, then off away to King Cross st. As I arrived at King Cross st. I searched Mak Long. I dont have her phone number but I was trying to get her there. However, after thaat, my dad called me and said "opss,,salah plak..Bukan King cross laa,,Victoria..heheheheh" Photobucket[ayat do-touch-up ikut kesesuaian..hehehe].."Opss,,sorry, its not King Cross, it's Victoria!"..So, as fast as lightning, cewwah, I rushed away to the hustle and bustle of people to Platform 1, Victoria Line to>> Victoria St..
Maybe yesterday was a weekday, so everyone went in and out to office or to anywhere, which make the train full like sardine...It took about 15 minutes to get to Victoria.Not very far actually from Baker street, but i passed it as i went to the King Cross.. As I arrived at the Victoria, I searched for Mak Long, then i saw a women with a green hijab yeah, I'm sure she is Mak Long..And she is Mak Long..huh~ Then, I brought her to Baker street where we settled down...Phew~Mission accomplished!!Photobucket

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