Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ice cream....yummy!

Last Sunday, before going back home, my family and I dropped by an ice cream stall. Everyone said that ice cream there is the World Famous Ice cream. So, we decided to buy some for ourselves.

The stall is located in one of the most unique, beutiful and attractive village in England. Yeah, i agreed with that. The Ripley village is wonderful, and relaxing. The place is suitable who want to get off from the busy city of Leeds.

Although Ripley Village is just a town, but it has its own historical attraction. Like the Castle. There are a castle owned bye Ingelby family which lives there for almost 700 years. And when i was there, there still some of the family members living there.

I had tasted the ice cream. The Ice cream has very smoothe texture.I wonder what are the secret recipe they used! The point is that i really enjoy eating ice cream that day. Furthermore, that Sunday is a verry sunny day. So, Ice cream is a good idea to cool down your day.. I am sure , InsyaAllah that all of you will like it...

Nanti kalu korg datg UK aku bwk la kome gi jnjalan kt Ripley Ice Cream ni!....

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